Life Coach For The Modern World

As a Registered life coach and BACP member in private practice in Torbay, Devon, England, I provide short- and long-term coaching to individuals and couples. My philosophy is rooted in the opinion that how we experience our world stems directly from what we focus on and our limiting beliefs. If we were to change that focus and those beliefs, we could then change our emotions.  This would then motivate us to lead an exceptionally fulfilling life. Sometimes we need a guiding force in bringing together emotions and thoughts while trusting the process of change. And often we need tools to help us navigate through the process.

I believe there is no greater place to be when you come to the realization of having the life you have always wanted and I have a deep belief that when we feel overwhelmed, we often cannot see the solutions that are within our grasp and thus we remain stuck. I also firmly believe that many of life’s problems can be alleviated by sharing them with someone who is trained to listen and offer tools and alternative ways of thinking. Often implementing some very simple and practical changes can have remarkable results.  Sometimes we just can’t see the forest from the trees.

Many of our limiting beliefs cause us unnecessary suffering.  Feelings such as depression or anxiety, struggles in relationships, managing stressful times while going through change, can all be transformed into feelings of joy, connectedness and the ability to cope with life’s challenges.  Becoming more self aware is a powerful road to self-mastery.  I believe through our work together you will find your answers.


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